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Live Sound Solutions - Acoustic Consultancy & Engineering
Professional Experience - Loudspeaker Product Development

Before the development phase of any loudspeaker product there is a period of concept development. This period includes close cooperation with the designer and
a concept team, tailoring the concept until the right product is born. The roll of the acoustic engineer is to verify and evaluate potential solutions and often develop
new technologies and ideas in order to solve a particular problem, such as very limited space. This process teaches you to keep a very open mind and I have
never had the simple task, as many have, of simply choosing rectangular box dimensions for a loudspeaker (except for custom PA boxes).

The first commercially available loudspeaker for which I was responsible for the complete acoustic design and performance was the Beolab 1 loudspeaker.
Released in 1999, it has sold in over 15000 pairs and received very good reviews in the Hi-Fi press. Since then, I have worked on numerous concepts and the
development of some fantastic loudspeakers, including a professional studio monitor for near-field monitoring. This monitor was built around a concept and has a
rather unusual but very practical design. The loudspeaker is a 2 or 3-way modular active loudspeaker with an acoustic lens and provides unrivalled imaging and
sound performance. The system was tested over a lengthy period by artists such as Erann DD and Jean Michel Jarre and at Plant Studios in California. George
Massenburg also had a set on loan - he was quite reluctant to give the speakers back. Weislaw Woszczyk at McGill University in Canada was also involved in
testing. Later I developed the Beolab 7-1 loudspeaker which has been available since December 2004. It is a stereo 3-way active loudspeaker for the latest
Beovision LCD and plasma displays from Bang & Olufsen. It offered, without doubt, the best television sound on the market at that time.

A very important roll of the loudspeaker engineer is the ability to move the product from prototype assembly to large scale production. For me, this work has
included the design and specification of state of the art test equipment including test boxes for level adjustment (for drive unit sensitivity differences, including
compensation for atmospheric temperature and pressure variations), frequency range measurements and rub and buzz and air leak measurement and failure
registration. This area also includes detailed tolerance chain analysis and general quality control of drive units.

Furthermore, I have been responsible for technical documentation regarding the products I have been responsible for, such as technical input for user manuals
and service documentation. I have also taken part in training seminars for service personnel, technical assistants and dealers, both in Denmark and in the US,
where I was involved with teaching a basic understanding of sound and acoustics to staff as part of a larger training programme.

I have used the following tools for loudspeaker development: measuring equipment including Bruel & Kjær 2012 and 2144 analysers, assorted B&K microphones
and pre-amplifiers including the Nexus range, the Klippel R&D measurement system, Audiocore software and the DP226 digital equalisers, Yamaha and MIDAS
digital mixing consoles, Cooledit, TrueRTA room measuring equipment, MLSSA, custom Matlab measuring equipment combined with a 12x12x13m measuring
chamber, also near-field, 2pi, free-field and anechoic measuring techniques, various personal MathCad programs, and AudioMulch software.

A large area of loudspeaker development is understanding listening room acoustics and how loudspeakers interact with the room. I have experience of designing
listening rooms to IEC standards and correction of existing rooms. On the more practical side, I am not afraid to get a soldering iron going and I have taken care of
the complete control room installation for several IEC-standard listening rooms. Some of the products I have developed for B&O are shown below:
A passion about sound since my early teens led me to study Electroacoustics at the University of Salford in England. Since completing this four year degree in
1996, I have worked full time with acoustics and particularly R&D of loudspeaker systems for Bang & Olufsen and Harman Professional Denmark. I have also 25
years experience as a live sound engineer and providing acoustics consultancy for product development, installs, studio design, building and room acoustics and
tuning services for existing and new audio systems. I am now self employed and my company PC Sound & Acoustics specializes in live sound solutions,
acoustical measurement and treatment of listening spaces, acoustic consultancy and loudspeaker system engineering. I own professional sound system
equipment to support concerts from intimate events with 80 to 100 people in the audience to larger indoor or outdoor venues up to approximately 500 people. I
have great experience in small to medium venues and particularly church spaces - from rock and popular music to world class jazz, opera and gospel.
Live Sound

During the last 6 years alone, I have mixed live sound for artists including:

- Cichosz
- Per Worm
- Huxi Bach
- Mellemblond
- Mathilde Falch
- Rikke Thomsen
- Signe Svendsen
- Alberte Winding
- Jonah Blacksmith
- Nice Little Penguins
- Dissing, Dissing og Las
- Viggo Sommer and his Backhowlers
- Ole Koch-Hansen, Bo Stief & Bobo Moreno
- Marc Bernstein & Debbie Cameron
- Christian Alvad & Anna Wirsén
- Malene Kjærgaard Trio
- Martin Fabricius Trio
- Benjamin Koppel
- Cæcilie Norby
- Sinne Eeg
- Gospel D'Light
- Bo Evers Band
- Katrines Kvartet
- Tango Spleen
- Orquesta Social del Tango
- Live Bleeding Fingers & Travis Haddix
- Dana LaCroix & Murali Coryell
- Tante Andante Band Lemvig
- Johan Reuter (Det Kongelig Teater)
- Guido Paevatalu (Det Kongelig Teater)
- Niels Jørgen Riis (Det Kongelig Teater)
- Julie MeeRa Albertsen (Det Kongelig Teater)
- Sebastian Klein (Denmarks Radio - DR Ramasjang)
- Onkel Reje (DR Ramasjang)
- Store Nørd (DR Ramasjang)
- Kalle (DR Ramasjang)
- Clement Kjersgaard (DR)
- Anja Bo (DR)
- Johannes Møllehave (DR)
- Anders Lund Madsen (DR)
- Anders 'Anden' Matthesen
- Nikolaj Stokholm
- Jan Gintberg
- Helle Joof
- Marie Hauge Jensen
- Drømmefabrikken
- Anders Mikkelsen
- The Agreement
- Ugler i Mosen

I have also supplied sound systems for and assisted production of:
- Folkeklubben
- Lis Sørensen
- Niels Skousen
- Niels Hausgaard
- Dodo & The Dodos
- DR Big Band with Basco
- Kathrine Windfeld Big Band
- Hans Theessink & Knud Møller
- Hush
- Moonjam
- Allan Olsen
- Poul Krebs
- Lars Lilholt
- Hanne Boel
- Sko og Torp
- Søs Fenger
- Steffen Brandt
Professional Experience - Acoustics Engineering

I have 17+ years of professional experience at the forefront of loudspeaker development and innovation with Bang & Olufsen and Harman Professional in
Denmark. During this time, my work was divided between acoustics research in the field of audio and sound reproduction, and the development of active
loudspeakers and automotive sound systems. The following points summarize my experience.

•        Intensive training and experience in subjective evaluation and tuning of acoustical systems.
•        Concept and product development of active loudspeaker systems, consumer, pro and automotive.
•        Development of thermal modelling and protection for analogue and digital active loudspeakers.
•        Research into programme material average power content for various music genres and speech.
•        Refinement and design of acoustic lenses for constant horizontal directivity in loudspeakers (patent).
•        Development of low frequency room correction for loudspeakers in rooms and car cabins (patent).
•        Complete installation and optimization of a IEC Standard listening rooms with related audio equipment.
•        Objective evaluation of components/systems with equipment from B&K, Klippel, SoundCheck and Comsol.
•        Loudspeaker drive unit development to internal and customer specifications.
•        Power handling and amplifier specification in audio systems.
•        Atmospheric influences on acoustical measurements.
•        Quantification of measurement tolerances and alignment in the loudspeaker supply chain.
•        Multiple publications and workshops with the AES and Institute of Acoustics (IOA).
•        Co-chair of the AES International Conference on Sound Reinforcement - Open Air Venues, 2017.
•        Substantial experience of creating automotive sound system concepts from blank paper, through assembly of HW, SW and sound tuning.
•        Developed concepts and demonstrators for B&O and Bowers & Wilkins brands for Audi, BMW, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren, VW and Volvo.
•        Many years mentoring/tutoring students and giving university guest lectures.
•        Certified automotive OEM test driver (Audi training in Austria).
•        Extensive travel experience (20 to 40 days per year).
•        Normal Hearing.

Publications with the Audio Engineering Society (AES)

•        Programme Material Analysis, paper 4277 Copenhagen 1996.
Thermal Simulation of Loudspeakers, paper 4667 Amsterdam 1998.
 Complete Thermal Protection of an Active Loudspeaker, paper 5112 Paris 2000.
Quantifying Acoustic Measurement Tolerances and their Importance in the Loudspeaker Supply Chain, paper 9056 Berlin 2014.
 Ambient Atmospheric Conditions and their Influence on Acoustic Measurements, paper 9061 Berlin 2014.
Effectiveness of Vapour-Deposited Coatings on Improving the Performance of Hard Dome Tweeters, paper 9390 New York 2015.
On Acoustical Modelling and Validation of Automotive Loudspeaker Grilles, paper P1-3, International Conference on Automotive Audio, 2017.

Furthermore, I have presented workshops on automotive audio and regarding subwoofer arrays in professional outdoor applications
Clockwise from top left: Beolab 1 (analogue
3-way speaker), Beovision 7 with Beolab 7-4
(analogue stereo 3-way speaker), Beolab 5
(digital 4-way speaker), Beolab 7-4 centre
loudspeaker (analogue 2-way speaker) and
Beolab 9 (analogue 3-way speaker).

Below: a unique modular near-field studio
monitor concept with very constant horizontal
directivity. Unfortunately this never went to
market due to price and market volumes.
- Kom vi Løber
- Smith og Ørts
- School's Out
- Rod Sinclair
- Little Fury
- Kosmos
- Æ Holm
- Ravens
- Stryg'fri
My company is registered in Denmark with the Central Company Register (CVR) number 38996738. Read on for more information about who I
have worked with and my engineering background. See also updates on my company Facebook page
Above and left - some components integral
to Bang & Olufsen automotive sound
systems of which I have been responsible
for the acoustic design including the acoustic
lens for the tweeter on the dashboard in the
latest Audi A8 and grilles in aluminium from
the Bentley Continental and Flying Spur and
from the Lamborghini Urus left.

Below, from the Consumer Electronics Show
in Las Vegas in 2019 with a Lincoln
Navigator equipped with sound zones for six
passengers, low frequency control of the
sound field and other features.
Denne side på Dansk
Examples of acoustic treatment of rooms to improve the
reverberation time and thus the acoustic properties of the rooms
e at Sound Hub Denmark in Struer with products from Norto
who are based in Vinderup, Denmark

Treatment is based on absorption data for the individual types of
. Measurements of absorption data is performed
according to
DS/ISO standards in a reverberation chamber as
shown below

PC Sound & Acoustics ha
s performed measurements and
provided data for all of
Norto's portfolio of products. It is also
possible to have measurements performed in you hose, should
you have problems with acoustics.
Two pictures of live-streaming events - a live concert with "Jazz n Grundtvig" and an AGM under Corona in the spring of 2020.
Here two examples from "Picnic in the Park" summer 2020 at Høloftet, Thyholm with Poul Krebs and band. PC Sound supplied all light and sound.