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Arctic Travel Safety Advisor

With a range of professional qualifications, specific training and substantial experience from travel to the boreal, tundra and ice cap regions of the North, I am in a
very good position to help plan and to ensure the safety of your next expedition to the Arctic. This applies whether you are planning a hiking trip for a few friends, if
you are researchers studying climate change, a school expedition, or film crew. My passion for the Arctic regions is also a huge motivating factor from my side as I
would rather be traveling in the Arctic than anywhere else. Some people think that the polar regions are hostile and barren, but I feel the opposite - I see beauty
which needs to be nurtured in some of the last wildernesses on Earth.

Below is a list of some of my skills relating to Arctic travel:

Exceptional planning skills and attention to detail
Situation overview and risk assessments
Remote first aid trained
Navigation and communications
Travel with pulks
Travel in post-glacial terrain (particularly areas affected by climate change)
Glacier and ice cap travel
Understanding polar bear behaviour and habitats
Camp craft, camp safety and perimeter protection
Bear deterrents and encounters with musk ox, walrus and wolf
Firearms training and marksman competency
Working with dogs and travel on sledges

And finally, I always operate with the motto:

"Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints and be quiet as you go - simply leave no trace"

Below are a few photographs from my arctic travels.