This page gives some more information about Mountain Environment and general information about the courses and guided trips that I offer. However, don't
hesitate to contact me for more specific information about any of the courses or trips you see - or if you need a bespoke itinerary. I can answer any questions you
may have and share more detailed information such as advice about prior experience, about equipment and clothing, or how challenging a course or trip will be.

Why Travel with Mountain Environment?

This is a good question as there are many providers of outdoor activities. However, in my opinion there are several good reasons to choose Mountain
Environment. I focus on a personal and tailor made experience were every moment of the trip or course counts -  from shopping in a local village, to making a
packed lunch, through the days’ activities, to relaxing in the evening - all elements form part of the holiday. Of course your safety is of upper most importance and
clients can rely on good judgement backed by a lot of experience and knowledge of the areas we travel in. Finally, if you enquire with questions or have any wishes,
then it is me you write to or talk to first hand and it is me that will be guiding you on the trip or leading a course.

Trips & Courses in Small Groups

All activities are only offered for small groups so that we can enjoy a location at it's best. This means a maximum of eight clients for mountain walking, trekking and
snowshoeing, up to six on photography masterclasses with two instructors, and down to a maximum of three clients for skills courses and specialized activities.
Occasionally, if a group has a larger size which may be the case for tailor made trips, then an additional qualified instructor or guide will assist me.

Overview of Skills Courses:

- Indoor Climbing from Scratch

- Climbing Gear Facts, Figures & Use

- Touching Rock / Sports Climbing

- Landscape Photography Masterclasses

- Mountain Navigation       

- Mountain Navigation at Night

- Introducing Hill Skills

- Advanced Mountain Skills

- Efficient Alpine Walker

- First Time Scottish Winter

- Winter Mountain Skills

- Alpine Skills

- Advanced Glacier Skills

- CPD course Avalanche Awareness & Transceiver Training

- CPD course Glaciology & Ropework for Glacier Travel

- CPD course Advanced Ropework & Crevasse Rescue

Selected Guided Trips:

- The Four Lake District 3000'ers

- The Fourteen Welsh 3000'ers

- Munro Bagging

- Ridges & Scrambles

- Peaks of the Far North of Scotland

- Wilderness Snowshoeing

- The Peaks of Rondane

- Rondane by Snowshoe

- In Slingsby's Footsteps

- CircumTrek Jotunheimen)

- 2000m Peaks of Norway

- Jostedalsbreen Traverse

- The King's Trail & Kebnekaise

- Trekking on Iceland

- Ascent of Hvannadalshnukur

- Trekking in Greenland

- Through the Zillertal

- Val d'Anniviers

- High Alpine Long Distance Paths TMB, GR10, GR20 etc.

- The mountains of Crete

- Bespoke trekking tours
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From a luxury hotel room to a rustic log cabin, to sleeping under canvas or under an open sky, there are many possibilities. Accommodation on your trip or course
depends on my experience and choice, often combined with your wishes, together with what is practicably available at the destination. In cases where activities are
based from a single location, then the quality of accommodation can be chosen to suit the wishes of the group. In all cases, the accommodation is clearly
specified beforehand and is typically hotels, bed and breakfast, log cabins, mountains refuges or camping.

Food & Hygiene

For western trips most of our food needs are met with self catering and it is part of the experience for the clients to ‘muck in’ with meal preparation, be it in a
modern kitchen or over a gas stove by the tents. We will also visit cafés, pubs and restaurants for local cuisine and therefore it is easy to satisfy our nutritional
requirements and meet a high standard of hygiene. For trips in developing countries, food will be bought at respectable lodges or prepared by an experienced
cook team who accompany us on the trek. Clients will always be informed about good hygiene practice.

A Pre-planned Trip or Tailor Made Itinerary?

I regularly update the website with upcoming trips and courses were the destination, skill level and itinerary is for the most part determined beforehand. At the end
of the day however, the actual content will always reflect the abilities and experience of the clients. If you, alone, or with a group of friends or colleagues have other
destinations and objectives in mind, or would like a unique holiday planned for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Besides specialising in the destinations on
the following pages, I do guide worldwide and can therefore help to fulfil your goal by planning an itinerary specifically for you and your group.

Travel Insurance

Personal travel and accident insurance is mandatory on all trips and courses. Your policy must cover the activities and the altitude to which we will be travelling
together with lost baggage cover and rescue and repatriation cover. It is necessary for clients to submit their insurance details before travel including company
name, policy number and emergency contact telephone number. I can be of assistance in recommending suitable insurance cover.

Mountain Environment is a small company that is run without undue costs and overheads and therefore the guided trips and courses are very reasonably priced
when the destinations and standard of the accommodation, the food and the services of an experienced guide on hand throughout the trip or course are
considered. Many of the trips offered are ‘all inclusive’. This means that from a certain meeting point, all expenses are covered including, for example, in-course
travel, accommodation, meals and drinks and cable car tickets. Furthermore, I allow clients to buy airline tickets themselves so it is possible to shop around for the
most convenient airport, flight times and reasonable fare. This is also because clients often come from various home towns and countries and because many
destinations appeal to visitors to come early or stay on for sightseeing in the place of arrival or departure. Also, I do not make last minute price reductions, so there
is no reason not to book early and secure a place.

Environmental Impact

Many of the areas we travel in are fragile with endemic species of flora and fauna and it is imperative that these natural environments be protected for the future. It
is my policy to protect the environment and try not even to leave footprints, to support local initiatives and businesses, especially in remote areas, and give back a
little more than we take away. In most Arctic areas, such as on Svalbard, there is strict local legislation that we naturally adhere to and respect.


The thought of circumnavigating the world has been of interest for explorers for hundreds of years and a maritime circumnavigation was completed in 1522 by
Elcano. Circumnavigating islands by various means including kayak is nowadays popular. By introducing the name CircumTrek™ I intend to market treks where
the goal is to circumnavigate mountains or mountain regions and thus travelling with clients though some of the most magnificent mountain scenery the world has
to offer, while never retracing one steps, and returning to where we started. Often other “circuits” are never actually full-circle routes. However, some very popular
circular routes do already exist such as The Tour of Mont Blanc. Besides guiding two of the popular European routes, I am introducing new and interesting circular
treks away from the crowds and hopefully routes that have never been completed before. I currently have a circular trek through the Jotunheimen National Park in
Norway and routes around some of the most impressive 8000 metre peaks in Nepal such as Dhaulagari, and also major trek around Mount Everest and her three
8000 metre neighbours; Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu. An ambition of mine is to complete treks with clients around all the worlds’ fourteen 8000m mountains.

With considerable experience in the mountains and with climbing activities, I am happy to make my knowledge available in order to aid your project or event. A
consultant roll can be from home via telephone or Skype meetings, via e-mail and meetings in the flesh. However, consultancy is often in the field. Get in touch for
more information. The areas in which I consult can be summarised as follows:

     Inspiration and technical advice when designing indoor climbing facilities
     Instructional material for climbing courses and training of new instructors
Buying climbing equipment and advice on maintenance and when to retire it
     Translation of technical mountaineering material (English to Danish and visa versa)
     Expedition journey planning and equipment requirements
     Medical issues with altitude and acclimatisation planning
     Mountain and crag access and safety for photography and film
     Training and coaching of potential leaders
Arctic Safety

Mountain Safety for Schools & Expeditions

With full time teaching experience of 13-16 years olds’, I am happy to get involved in your coming school expedition or trip into the mountains or remote destination
to ensure member safety and a successful time had for all participants. Ideally, my involvement should be from an early planning stage, but it is never too late to
get professional advice when a mountain trip or expedition involves young people.
How Demanding are the Courses & Trips?

I use the following scale to illustrate how much effort a trip or course requires.
The higher up the scale, the more demanding the trip or course will be.


This level is suitable for people with little or no previous experience and who
have reasonable health and fitness. The trips or courses are over straight
forward terrain, such as good paths, at low altitude and are of a nature that
allows for relaxation because of shorter days or lower intensity. We do not carry
a heavy rucksack. Indoor courses will be in this category.


This level is suitable for people with some previous experience and who are in
good health and have reasonable fitness. The trips or courses cover straight
forward terrain though with some rough passages at low or medium altitude
but were issues of altitude are not a problem.


This level is suitable for people with previous experience and who are in good
health and have good fitness suitable for consecutive long days on the hill and
in poor weather should conditions dictate this. The trips or courses are often
over rough terrain over many hours and can be at low to middle altitude
(approximately 1000-3000m) were issues of altitude may become apparent at
the higher refuges and summits.


This level is suitable for people with previous experience and who are in good
health and are fit and can handle consecutive long days on the hill and in poor
weather, and/or for extended periods of primitive travel such as camping. The
trips cover rough terrain and can be at middle to high altitude (approximately
2000-6000m) were issues of altitude are expected and acclimatisation is an
integral part of the itinerary when necessary. On many of these trips the
psychology of a lengthy duration of the trip and travel in primitive conditions is
also an issue for clients to be prepared for and become accustomed.