Courses, Guided Trips & Arctic Travel Safety Advisor
This page gives information about the three areas in the title. The page should be used as inspiration. Don't hesitate to contact me for more detailed information
about any of the courses or guided trips you see here - or if you need a safety advisor to help plan and then oversee your expedition to the Arctic. I can answer
questions you may have and give information such as prior experience required or how challenging a course or trip is - from
easy, through moderate and
demanding to strenuous. Don't forget that I specialize in bespoke itineraries. Read more about my role as freelance safety advisor lower down the page.

One or two of the courses and guided trips below have links to example itineraries.

 Skills Courses:

      - Indoor Climbing from Scratch (Denmark)

      - Climbing Gear Facts, Figures & Use (UK, Scandinavia)

      - Touching Rock / Sports Climbing (Scandinavia)

      - Landscape Photography (Scotland, Scandinavia)

Landscape Photography - Iceland

      - Mountain Navigation (UK, Scandinavia)       

      - Introducing Hill Skills (UK, Scandinavia)

      - Advanced Mountain Skills (UK, Scandinavia)

      - Efficient Alpine Walker (Scandinavia)

      - First Time Scottish Winter (Scotland)

Winter Skills & Munro Ascents (Scotland)

      - Challenging Munros in Winter (Scotland)

      - Glacier Skills Course (Norway)

      - Mountain & Glacier Skills (Norway)

      - CPD course Avalanche Awareness & Transceiver Training

      - CPD course Glaciology & Ropework for Glacier Travel

      - CPD course Advanced Ropework & Crevasse Rescue

  Selected Guided Trips:

      - Lake District Ridges & Real Ale (England)
      - The Four Lake District 3000'ers (England)

      - The Fourteen Welsh 3000'ers (Wales)

      - Remote Munros by Bike & Bothy (Scotland)

      - Wilderness Snowshoeing (Norway)
      - Hut to Hut Cross-Country Skiing (Norway)
      - The Hardangervidda Plateau (Norway)
      - The Peaks of Rondane (Norway)
      - Winter Rondane by Snowshoe (Norway)
      - Easier Jotunheimen (Norway)
      - In Slingsby's Footsteps (Norway)
CircumTrek Jotunheimen (Norway)
      - 2000m Peaks of Jotunheimen (Norway)
      - The Roof of Scandinavia (Norway)

      - Northern Wilderness (Sweden)

      - Through the Zillertal (Austria)
      - Alpine Walking in the Engadine (Switzerland)
      - CircumTrek 4000 (France, Switzerland, Italy)
      - Val d'Anniviers Circuit (Switzerland)
      - Pyrenees GR10 (France)
      - High Corsica GR20 (France)
      - Crete - The Lefka Ori (Greece)

      - Island of Fire and Ice (Iceland)
      - Ascent of Hvannadalshnukur (Iceland)

      - Trekking in Greenland

      - CircumTrek Manaslu (Nepal)
      - CircumTrek Dhaulagiri (Nepal)
      - CircumTrek Everest (Nepal, Tibet)

      - Ladakh and Zanskar (India)
      - High Passes of the Solu Khumbu (Nepal)
Main Page          Hovedsiden (DK)
Arctic Travel Safety Advisor

With a range of professional qualifications, specific training and
substantial experience from travel to the boreal, tundra and ice cap
regions of the North
, I am in a very good position to help plan and to
ensure the safety of your next expedition to the Arctic. This applies
whether you are planning a hiking trip for a few friends, if you are
researchers studying climate change, a school expedition, or film
crew. My passion for the Arctic regions is also a huge motivating factor
from my side as I would rather be traveling in the Arctic than anywhere
else. Some people think that the polar regions are hostile and barren,
but I feel the opposite - I see beauty which needs to be nurtured in
some of the last wildernesses on Earth.

Below is a list of some of my skills relating to Arctic travel:

Exceptional planning skills and attention to detail
Situation overview and risk assessments
Remote first aid trained
Navigation and communications

Travel with pulks

Travel in post-glacial terrain (particularly areas affected by
climate change)
Glacier travel
Understanding polar bear behaviour and habitats
Camp craft, camp safety and perimeter protection
Bear deterrents and encounters with musk ox, walrus and wolf
Firearms training and marksman competency
Working with dogs and travel on sledges

And finally, I always operate with the motto:

"Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but
and be quiet as you go - simply leave no trace"