I started working on this website in 2003. Since then I have developed it and worked to present it in usable, simple format without adverts or animated graphics
that annoyingly slow things down. It is my portal to the Internet, both for me as a mountain professional but also as a resource to others with similar interests and I
hope the site is of interest to you as a walker, climber or mountaineer and will give you inspiration to enjoy the outdoors either on your own or on a guided trip.

I selected an extract from T. S. Eliots work to introduce the website as I think it really sets the right mood for you reading these pages. Certainly for me, discovering
new areas or climbs, exploring ones own boundaries and returning to visit favourite locations are some of the great elements of being in the outdoors.

Two adventurers that I admire, both for their spirit of adventure and ability to convey the spirit of being in the outdoors in writing, are Nicholas Crane and William
Cecil Slingsby. Nicholas Crane has written the books Clear Waters Rising, Two Degrees West and Mercator. In Clear Waters Rising, he describes his 18 month
solo mountain journey across Europe from Cape Finisterre on the west coast of Spain, via the Cantabrian mountains, Pyrenees, Cevennes, Alps, Carpathians and
Balkan mountains to Istanbul in Turkey. A journey of 10 000 km. Two Degrees West describes his journey along the 578 km long line of longitude 2 degrees west
through England - he never strayed more than 1 km from the line of two degrees west. Incidentally, two degrees west is known as the line of zero convergence or
central meridian by the Ordnance Survey. It is the reference line that was selected for mapping of the British Isles by the Transverse Mercator Projection. This
neatly leads one on to his book Mercator, a biography of the great 16th century cartographer Gerard Mercator - and without maps what would we do today?

William Cecil Slingsby was a true pioneer, making many first ascents in the late 1800's and pushing the limits of mountaineering during that era, he should be an
inspiration to those who venture into the mountains.  Read more about Slingsby and his endeavours on my Slingsby page.
A Little Background & My Qualifications in Brief

Born in 1973, I grew up in Lincolnshire in England and by my early teens I had discovered hill walking in England and Wales. This hobby soon progressed onto
climbing and mountaineering when I moved to Manchester to study Electroacoustics at the University of Salford (if you are interested in acoustics and sound then
click here to read more). By 1995, I was rapidly becoming an experienced rock and winter climber too. After some years of intensively exploring the crags and
mountains of the UK, I moved to Scandinavia, where I live today with my Danish wife and two daughters. Scandinavia is an excellent base for outdoor activities. I
am a qualified acoustic engineer and have several years teaching experience too.

I completed my first outdoor leading qualification in the year 2000 and today I am an experienced International Mountain Leader (IML) and member of the British
Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML). I also hold the British Summer and Winter Mountain Leader Awards, the SPA rock climbing qualification, the
National Navigation Award (NNAS) gold certificate and I am trained in mountain first aid. In Denmark, I have been a committee member of the Danish Climbing
Federation (equivalent to the BMC) where I have been instrumental in developing national climbing qualifications and I have been training and assessing Danish
instructors since 2003 - here I also hold the Sport Climbing Instructor qualification (Sportsklatreinstruktør). During many years, I have also travelled extensively on
glacial terrain particularly in Norway and I am a qualified Norwegian glacier instructor and guide (Breinstruktør). I visit and work regularly in the mountain regions of
Scandinavia, Europe and farther afield. My guiding and instructional work can be summarised as:
Clockwise from above left, enjoying th sunshine at the Everest View Hotel in Nepal, ascending the famous Besseggen Ridge high above Lake Gjende in
Jotunheimen in Norway, my wife and daughters during the summer of 2012, instructing in the use of avalanche transceivers in Skeikampen in Norway,
and finally a wild camp in Southern Norway to break up the long journey south before catching a boat in Oslo.
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