Lofoten, Norway
The island group of Lofoten lying above the arctic circle on the west coast of Norway is one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. The archipelago
consists of gneiss and granite rock spires that erupt from the waters of the fjords and the ocean. The islands have been rich in fishing heritage for more than a
thousand years and Lofoten has a Protected Designation of Origin for cod stockfish. Each winter there is polar night for approximately one month and in the
summer, the sun never sets for a similar period. This page shows a collection of photographs from Lofoten and from the mainland near Narvik.  
Below, Northern Lights above Novafjellet near Evenes in October.
Above, Novafjellet above Skoddabjergvatnet and below 'snow on rock'.
A single cottage on Sakrisøy with Olstinden looming behind. Stockfish racks on Sakrisøy with Festhæltinden and Lilandstinden behind.
Above, early morning light over the bay east of Hamnøy and below, the first rays of sunlight on Lilandstinden above Hamnøy.
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Above, a night shot of the cabin at Landmannalaugar in the interior of Iceland. In mid October there is a good chance of snow and the smaller gravel tracks only
being open to four-wheel drive vehicles as it was on this visit. The Laugahraun wall of lava that was produced by an eruption in 1477 can clearly be seen behind
the hut. The area here is both exotic and rugged and is a very popular walking destination with trails to several huts. Below, enjoying the hot spring close to the hut.
Above, Rørbuer on Andøya and below, boat meets house in Reine.
Above and below, Norway's national mountain Stetind is a solid block of granite rising from the waters of the fjord to 1392 metres. I rebuffed climbers until 1910
due to the fact that the easiest route to the summit is UIAA grade IV and involves traversing a very exposed finger crack above a 400m high sheer drop.
Above, from the bridge to Reine with the waters of Reinevågen in the foreground and behind the dramatic peaks of Olstind and those of Kjerkfjorden.
Below, houses of Sakrisøy with the imposing rock wall of Reinebringen and Navaren behind.
Above, the Stjernetinden massif across Storvatnet on the road to Nusfjord and below, harbour buildings in Nusfjord.
Finally below, a journey to Iceland would not be complete without a visit to Geysir.
Stetind, Norway
Stetind, Norway
Northern Lights, Evenes
Sakrisøy & Olstind
Lilandstinden, Lofoten
Hamnøy Bay, Lofoten
Sakrisøy with Lilandstinden, Lofoten
Skoddabergvatnet Novafjellet
Sakrisøy, Lofoten
Stjernetinden, Lofoten
Nusfjord, Lofoten
Fredvang Bridges, Lofoten
Andøya, Lofoten
Reine, Reinevågen and Olstind, Lofoten
Northern Lights, Lofoten
Sildpollness Church, Lofoten
Above, Rørbuer in Reine surrounded by mountains. Below, the view south from Å towards Mosken and Værøya.
Above, the facade of a stockfish warehouse near Ramberg and below, Fredvang Bridges with Volandstinden and snow-covered Stjernetinden behind.
Above, the heads of cod in Nusfjord and below, the church at Sildpollness.
Above, a solitary house on the shore of Kvæfjorden and below, a small settlement on the southern coast of Elgsnes seen from across Kasfjorden.
Above, the part frozen stream of Austerbekken by Fossestua and below, Northern Lights by Austerfjorden.