Guide/Instructor Responsibilities

1. The guide/instructor is responsible for coordinating and executing the trip or course, logistics, booking of tickets where necessary, arranging transport during
the trip and accommodation. The guide/instructor plans routes and activities day by day, provides guiding and instruction during the trip or course, ensures client
safety during the described activities and is the link to the local people and assisting guides/instructors if applicable.

2. The guide/instructor ensures that the number of clients per guide/instructor is within normal best practice standards and is typically 2 to 8 clients per guide or
instructor depending on the activity.

3. Activities are dependent upon such factors as snow conditions, weather and client ability. The guide/instructor decides whether conditions are suitable or not for
an activity to be completed and will adjust the programme accordingly.

4. On photographic trips, the guide plans access to suitable motifs and gives photographic instruction. Clients will be briefed at each location about safety and
local conditions and access.

Client Responsibilities

5. The client must have the required clothing and equipment of a suitable standard and quality with them on the trip or course.

6. The client must be prepared physically for the nature of the trip or course. The guide must be informed of any illness or recurring injury immediately. Should a
client wish to pull out, or suffer from lesser injury, or have aches and pains that mean that the client wishes to abort a hut-to-hut trip, trekking trip or course, then the
client is responsible for arranging alternative transport to a suitable meeting place or point of onward transport, or all the way home. Costs incurred herewith are
covered by the client. The guide/instructor will assist in planning an alternative route or solution where possible. When a client has decided to leave the trip or
course, then they are no longer the responsibility of the guide/instructor.

7. The client must state their nationality and full name as stated in their passport on their booking form. The passport must be valid for at least the whole of the trip
or course duration.

8. It is the client’s responsibility to gain information, obtain and pay for, any visas and relevant vaccinations should these be necessary.

9. If the client does not meet up punctually for travel arrangements or they do not show, or cannot join because of a lost or invalid passport, then the client cannot
expect any alternative arrangements or compensation. Costs incurred for later arrival at the destination are covered by the client.

10. The client is required to ensure suitable personal travel insurance including rescue cover and have suitable accident insurance covering the activities that are
expected on the trip or course. Clients without suitable insurance upon departure will not be allowed to join and will not be entitled to compensation.

11. The client should be aware that mountain walking, abseiling, glacier travel, climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury to
oneself and others. Clients should accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and influence on their surroundings.

12. On photographic trips, clients must be aware that motifs are outdoors where walking on paths of varying quality will occur. At some locations, there may be no
marked paths. Also, clients can choose to wander around on their own accord. Clients should be aware of and accept risks associated with this and be
responsible for their actions and influence on their surroundings.

13. Clients must follow instructions given by the guide/instructor. Clients are fully responsible for any consequences there may be from ignoring such instructions.
A client can be excluded from a trip or course, without the right to compensation, if they ignore instructions given by the guide/instructor on multiple occasions. Any
expenses incurred by the client following exclusion are at the client’s expense.

14. The client must obey rules and regulations at places of accommodation and on any means of transport such as flights and ferries.

15. Smoking, use of e-cigarettes or the use of intoxicating drugs are not allowed on trips/courses, regardless of local in-country laws. Enjoyment of alcohol is
permitted in moderation. Being visibly drunk is not accepted. Clients are responsible for knowing and respecting any customs rules when crossing borders.

16. During the duration of the trip/course, the guide/instructor is within their right to give special instructions to individual clients who, due to their personal hygiene
or behaviour, are an irritation to other clients. On photographic trips, it is expected that clients respect the privacy of others by, for example, not photographing the
group in restaurants and the like.

17. Clients are responsible for their own baggage and personal items at all times regardless of whether they are stored in a tent or are in a hotel room, car, bus or
plane. Clients are responsible for searching for and recovering their own forgotten items.

General Terms & Conditions

18. The right is reserved to update prices in case of editorial and printing errors.

19. A trip or course is booked in writing by returning the booking form attached to the trip or course dossier. A receipt will be sent out by e-mail. The number of
spaces on trips and courses is limited and it is therefore in the client’s interest that booking is made early. The deposit must be paid within 8 days of receipt of the
booking form for the booking to be completed and space secured. The deposit payable is stated in the trip/course dossier. The remaining amount is payable
latest 8 weeks/56 days before the trip or course start date. Payment is made via bank transfer or PayPal. Credit cards are not accepted. Any bank charges are to be
paid by the client.

20. Upon cancellation by the client more than 8 weeks/56 days before the trip or course start date, then the paid amount less the deposit is refunded. Upon
cancellation by the client more than 28 days before the trip or course start date, then half of the paid amount is refunded. No refund is made if cancellation occurs
28 days or less before the trip/course start date. Cancellation must be made in writing. It is recommended that clients take out suitable cancellation insurance.

21. Cancellation of the trip or course can occur if the minimum number of clients is not achieved. Upon cancellation of a trip or course, then the full amount paid is
refunded. Mountain Environment is required to inform clients latest 28 days before the start of a trip or course if cancellation is necessary whenever the situation is
not due to a sudden change of circumstances. Mountain Environment reserves the right to change a trip or course where extraneous circumstances dictate, for
example, a change of venue due to dangerous conditions at the original destination or forced changes to planned accommodation. An alternative destination will
be in a similar location or distance from the original meeting place such that the original planned method of arrival, such as by plane, can still be used.

22. Mountain Environment can, under certain circumstances change the trip or course price. Changes must relate to significant changes to rates of exchange of
currency or taxes, or changes to fuel prices or similar. A price change will be announced as soon as possible and latest 28 days before the trip or course start
date. The price may not be increased by more than 8 %. In a situation where the price will increase by more than 8 %, then the client can cancel the trip or course
and get a full refund.

23. Should the planned guide/instructor on the trip or course be unable to attend, then an alternative competent and qualified guide/instructor will be provided.

24. Accommodation type is specified in the trip or course dossier and is standard for the destination or type of trip or course, for example, in a tent or rooms with
single beds, bunk beds or dormitories.

25. Complaints about any aspect of a trip or course must be addressed by the client to the guide/instructor as soon as possible. The guide/instructor will then
attempt to remedy the situation immediately. If the cause for the complaint is not satisfactorily remedied, then the client must request that the guide/instructor take
down a written report. Any complaints following a trip or course must be made in writing latest 14 days after the end of the trip or course. Claims against Mountain
Environment will be addressed in a Danish court of law. If the client has not requested that a written report be taken down during the trip or course, then the client’s
right to economic compensation is typically forfeited.  

26. Mountain Environment is a registered company in Denmark with the CVR number 38996738.

27. Mountain Environment is a member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (Rejsegarantifonden) with registration number RGF3231.


28. Upon booking, the client gives their consent that Mountain Environment register their personal information. This information is considered confidential and is
safeguarded. Furthermore, the client gives their consent for the information necessary for booking of relevant tickets and accommodation to be passed on to these
third party providers. In such cases, the privacy policies of the third party providers apply. Personal information is never passed on to irrelevant parties. A client’s
consent can be withdrawn at any time by written request by the client. Personal information is registered up to two years following its latest use. A client can
request a copy of their information that is registered at any time and request that information is corrected.

29. The right is reserved to use pictures from trips and courses in future Mountain Environment material and on the Mountain Environment website. Should a client
not wish to appear is such pictures or material, then they are requested to make this known in writing before the start of a trip or course.

Contact Information

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v. Peter John Chapman
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7620 Lemvig

Telephone: +45 20 61 29 24

E-mail: guide(at)

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